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All these men and women - whose politics by definition violate the Principles of Unity of IndyMedia - need to take about the administration of Cyprus Indymedia to enforce their own individual politics over the Local community. But ought to they be allowed to accomplish that?

Αυτή η συγκεκριμένη ανάρτηση είχε ως ένα από τους στόχους της εισηγήσεις για την καλύτερη και ορθότερη ίσως λειτουργία της. Ελπίζω να κατάλαβα καλά.

προσωπικά δεν με απασχολεί το παρόν blog site αν λέγεται indymedia κλπ απλά είναι καλά να ξεκαθραρίσει ότι δεν εμπίπτει στις προυποθέσεις που έθεσαν όλες οι συλλογικότητες των imc

Μην περιπλέκεις τις πολιτικές σου διαφορές με κάποιες απ΄τις ομάδες που υπογράφουν.

δυστυχώς στην κύπρο του προβρεφονηπιακού εναλλακτικού λόγου

Portal and Portal+ are new online video-contacting gadgets which make it easier to stay connected with your closest mates and…

Whenever you locate one thing fascinating, faucet around the picture to check out more specifics from the vendor, which includes an item description, the name and profile Picture of the seller, and their basic site. It's also possible to preserve the merchandise to locate it later.

αλλά θα σου εισηγούμουν πέρα από την ισοπεδωση "στυλ οσρ"

και στο πλανόδιο στέκι με αναρτήσεις τους που διαβασα σχετικά ταυτίζονται απόλυτα με απόψεις όπως τις φάλιες

Section of IndyMedia's legacy is the fact that indymedia must "not be owned or managed by any one team", that's Component of the reason that our organization embraces progressive and radical people of all types, including Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Feminists and Greens of varied ethnic and cultural origins and of a large number of identities concerning sexual, gender, linguistic and religion orientations.

o- We've participated in BiCommunal occasions for Peace and Reconciliation; for locating the continues to be of lacking persons in the war.

But should have an outlet to precise their views freely (when they prevent racist as well as other authoritarian approaches), and if we experienced an Open Publishing system here once more they may.

For even more explanations, informations or the rest on the case of Cyprus IMC we are at your disposal.

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